Walls and Molding

Walls and Molding

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How to Care for Old and Historic Wood and Plaster What are the best methods for removing stains from wood finishes? How can you determine the type of finish on your molding? How can you repair the cracks in your plaster cornice? Youa€™ve been told you have qalligatored paintq: what is it and what can you do about it? a€b Answers to these questions and hundreds more are found in this detailed guide to caring for and reviving old wood and plaster walls and moldings. Carefully shaped woodwork, delicate plaster molding and colorful painted finishes give unique character to the interiors of old buildings. Walls and Molding describes the history of these key features and clearly explains how to save and repair them. Written for homeowners and others responsible for the care of buildings from 50 to 250 years old, and based on the principles of preservation expressed in the Secretary of the Interiora€™s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, this authoritative handbook offers practical advice for all aspects of caring for old wood and plaster walls and molding. Detailed methods are included for diagnosing, cleaning, repairing and reconstructing wood panels and molding as well as patching and replastering walls a€” all stressing the three-pronged approach of the National Park Service: repair, replace and, only as a last resort, re-create. The book includes extensive charts on finishes, wood and plaster problems, and safety precautions. Combining a look at past building techniques and modern rehabilitation procedures, Walls and Molding focuses on what can be done to preserve and enjoy the special interiors in old and historic buildings. Some 300 photographs and drawings, helpful checklists, a glossary of wall treatment terms, a suggested reading list and official preservation guidelines followed nationwide provide further ideas and guidance for planning an appropriate rehabilitation in your old or historic building.This usually will give the patch a different texture from the adjacent surface, however, so it should be done only as a ... REPAIRING. CRACKS. Plaster cracks are endemic in old buildings. Some cracks can be patched and never seen again .

Title:Walls and Molding
Author:Natalie Shivers
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 1990-09-01


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