War Games

War Games

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From Rwanda to Afghanistan, from Sudan to Iraq, this brilliantly written and at times blackly funny work of reportage shows how the humanitarian aid industry, the media and warmongers the world over are locked in a cycle of mutual support. Drawing on her decades of first-hand experience, Linda Polman's gripping narrative introduces us to the key players in this twisted game, to the aid-workers and the warlords themselves. Among many others, there is the Bible-bashing one-man NGO who rescued two Sierra Leonean girls from life in an amputee camp - only to change his mind and try to send them back again; the director of the World Bank in Kabul who estimates that 35-40 per cent of all aid in Afghanistan is looted or lost; and the rebel soldier who explains that war does not mean fighting: 'W.A.R. means Waste All Resources. Destroy everything. Then you people will come and fix it.' War Games is a controversial exposAc from the front lines of the humanitarian aid industry by one of the most intrepid and brilliantly incisive journalists of our times.They snatched my bag off my shoulder, rummaged around in it and found a pen and a notebook. ... into camp clinics with arms or legs hacked off by militias and dead babies were still being pulled out of camp latrines. ... a#39;It just didna#39;t make sense any more, a#39; wrote Fiona Terry of MSF France. .... All night I watched finalists performing triple jumps in glittering costumes. ... Arms dealers were routinely paid in cash by Hutu leaders, although sometimes weapons were bartered for stolen aidanbsp;...

Title:War Games
Author:Linda Polman
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2010-04-19


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