War Time Cookery

War Time Cookery

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There is often a need to conserve food. Sometimes the conditions of life require food conservation, for example during the war time or other kinds of severe hardships, and sometimes it is useful to conserve food and eat sparingly just for the health of the body. This book will teach you how to prepare meals while conserving and economizing food resources, that is, saving in waste and lessening the over 150 food consumption. Despite the economy, the recipes offered do not require a radical change in daily menu or habits of living, but teach how to prepare food that is attractive, tasty, wholesome and sufficient for the daily needs of the body.SOUPS. WITHOUT. MEATS. A cream soup means one which has the consistency of thick cream. A puree is twice as thick. ... General Rules Cook the vegetable or fish and press through a sieve; make a white sauce of fat. flour, salt, pepper andanbsp;...

Title:War Time Cookery
Author:Edith Blackman
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-07-27


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