Warm Bread and Honey Cake

Warm Bread and Honey Cake

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A comprehensive and unparalleled collection of breads, cakes and pastries from around the world, this beautiful sourcebook of recipes is also a well-researched exploration of home baking techniques and global ethnic history. The combination of recipes, anecdotal and historical text and pictures give this book a unique appeal and make it perfect for todayii½s discerning Ayfoodiesii½. The recipes are drawn from all over the world (including Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, the Caribbean and Latin America), are easy-to follow and beautifully photographed. Any unusual techniques are illustrated step-by-step for ease. Try your hand at Azorean honey cake or Jamaican hard dough bread. Let your familyii½s tastebuds thrill to Azerbaijani cream cheese baklava or Dutch brown sugar coils. Chapters cover breads, cakes, pastries, savouries and biscuits. The combination of delicious recipes and a fascinating background text make this book a fantastic read and a must for any home cook looking to truly broaden their repertoire or with an interest in the culture of food.STEAMED SWEET RED BEAN BUNS The same basic dough for Plain Steamed Buns can be used to make Sweet Red Bean Buns. Many Asian supermarkets sell good-quality, canned, sweetened red bean paste. One quantity of basic doughanbsp;...

Title:Warm Bread and Honey Cake
Author:Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra
Publisher:Pavilion Books - 2012-11-23


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