Warren Buffett's Management Secrets

Warren Buffett's Management Secrets

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The book is divided into several sections covering Warren Buffett's personal business management: . Managing one's life - focuses on Buffett's insistence on a good education, picking one's heroes early in life, and staying away from things that damage you personally. The authors also discuss Buffett's belief that challenges make life interesting. . Managing One's Career - Buffett believes that you should work at something that you are passionate about. Do what you like and you will find a way to make money. Do what you hate and you will be miserable even if you are rich. . Managing Employees - place honesty on the same level as intelligence as a managerial attribute. How to keep managers inspired and working hard. . Managing the Business - Buffett has learned that companies that have a durable competitive advantage over their competitors consistently earn more money year after year and are the easiest to manage. . Managing of Personal Money - discover the simple rules that Buffett uses for buying other businesses and how he has incorporated them into his own personal investment style.Lower costs mean that we can sell the product at a lower price, which will make the product more desirable and easier to ... costs low that he once counted the sheets on a roll of toilet paper to make sure that his vendor wasna#39;t cheating him. ... In the early part of Warrena#39;s life he was fanatical about keeping his living costs low, which is why he drove an old VW Beetle long after he became a multimillionaire.

Title:Warren Buffett's Management Secrets
Author:Mary Buffett, David Clark
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-02-18


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