Water Dancer

Water Dancer

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This novel tells the story of Dorey Thomas, a marathon swimmer training to cross the cold, brutal waters of the San Antonio Strait. It is a feat no other athlete has ever achieved. This swim will be her return to life after suffering a nervous breakdown. Her trainer, Sarge Olssen, faces an old enemy; for the San Antonio Strait took the life of his only son. Since then he and his wife, Ilana, have lived in isolation, torn from the world and from each other. Dorey's year of training brings the passions of these three to the surface, becoming not only a test of physical endurance for Dorey but a test of the spirit for them all: a road to healing and redemption, and a rebirth of the ability to love. Swirling at the core of this mythical journey is water itself, the mysterious element of sustenance, destruction, transformation...breathed easier now from the center of her chest where the sun glowed hot, bright, unsmothered by ice. ... It was a sound almost of lament, far-off wails heard in some jungle, a dark female cry. ... Get rid of everything else and you feel it. The glow. Not giving up. Making it through. Thata#39;s all. Alive. Cold but feel that, that glow.

Title:Water Dancer
Author:Jenifer Levin
Publisher:Untreed Reads - 2012-02-16


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