Water from Heaven

Water from Heaven

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Covering a vast array of scientific fields and recent discoveries, this book tracks a remarkable substance in its liquid, solid, and gaseous states as it cycles through the seas, the atmosphere, land, icecaps and under the earth. Robert Kandel describes what we humans are doing to the water cycle and the climate and explains where we are heading.Sometimes the high-altitude ice crystal clouds cover the sky in flat sheets; and, if it is thin, such a cirrostratus veil produces a panoply of optical effects. ... Rain and snow fall from the clouds, themselves the visible manifestation of water condensed into liquid droplets or solid ice ... ita#39;s too warm for ice, various sorts of salt crystals, mineral dust particles, acid crystals, and other aerosols can do the job too.

Title:Water from Heaven
Author:Robert S. Kandel
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2006-01-01


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