Water Resources

Water Resources

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Columbia River Basin salmon runs were once the world's largest. By 1996, however, returning adult salmon had been greatly reduced in number. This report addresses how well the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is implementing its Columbia River Fish Mitigation program. Provides information on (1) the Corps' decision-making process for identifying, setting priorities for, a funding actions to help the recovery of salmon runs, a (2) whether the Corps has been completing its fish mitigation actions on schedule a within budget. Determines why the Corps had not entered into an agreement with the Bonneville Power Administration for the cost of operating their dams in the Basin. Charts a tables.The Corps Has Experienced Problems Implementing Some of Its Fish Mitigation Actions operations personnel found frequent ... In May 1996, a new design utilizing different technology was adopted for controlling the sweep arm. ... At the Bonneville Power Administrationa#39;s estimated revenue of $2, 000 per generating hour, the outage equates to about $5 million in potential lost power revenue in 1996.

Title:Water Resources
Author:Ned Smith
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 1998-06-01


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