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A superb guide to safe, ethical, and enjoyable waterfowl hunting, this book covers everything a young hunter needs to know-from what to wear and pack to shooting strategies and the construction of duck blinds. Strongly emphasizing gun safety and adherence to state and federal regulations throughout, readers are provided with information about gun safety courses, the necessary hunting permits and licenses, and other laws relating to hunting limits, seasons, and private and public property. The ethics of hunting are emphasized, including a discussion of how to hunt in a humane and sustainable way. The book is full of practical pointers concerning hunt planning, optimum waterfowl hunting weather and habitats, foul weather gear, first-aid kits, the setting of decoys and construction and use of duck blinds, bird calls, and other inside tips that are the equivalent to a lifetime's worth of wisdom acquired by a veteran hunter.Because shot spreads when red, shotguns are effective against small and moving targetsa€” like waterfowla€”because they ... shotgun can eject spent cartridges and re a new one after every trigger squeeze without requiring manual reloading.

Author:Philip Wolny
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2011-01-15


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