Way Beyond Compare

Way Beyond Compare

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An answered prayer for Beatles fans and collectors, the first Asvolume of a unique work that exhaustively chronicles all known and Asavailable Beatles recordings! Have you ever watched a Beatles film clip and wondered: a€c Where was that filmed? a€c Is any more of that footage available? Have you ever heard a Beatles interview and asked: a€c When was that taped? a€c Wherea€™s the best place to find the complete recording? Way Beyond Compare has the answers to these and thousands of similar questions. Ita€™s the key to unlocking the secrets behind every known Beatles recording in circulation through 1965, telling you where to find them, what makes them unique, and how they fit within the context of the Beatlesa€™ amazing musical and cultural journey. Author John C. Winn has spent twenty years (twice as long as the Beatles were together!) Assifting through, scrutinizing, organizing, and analyzing hundreds of hours of audio and video recordingsa€”and putting them into a digestible chronological framework for Way Beyond Compare and its companion volume, That Magic Feeling: The Beatlesa€™ Recorded Legacy, Volume Two, 1966a€“1970. a€œIt takes a rare and special kind of mind to sift through it all, to research and enquire, catalogue and chronicle, assess and contrast, identify and label, and to fit all the myriad pieces into the vast jigsaw puzzle that is the Beatlesa€™ career. John C. Winn is that person, and hea€™s done it with a rare skill and intelligence.a€ a€”Mark Lewisohn From the Trade Paperback edition.Paul. and George stroll down Champs-ElysAces Jan 16 Concert at Paris Olympia Feb 5 London Airport return trom Paris ... depattro lor United States Fans at Kennedy Airport Beatles arrive at Kennedy Airport Fans outside Plaza Hotel Feb 6 John. Paul. and Ringo in Central Park Feb 9 Ed Sullivan Show marquee Fob a#39;I0 Beatles press conferences at Plaza Fab 11 ... Feb 23 Arrival at Teddington Studio Feb 25 Georgea#39;: twenty-first birthday Mar 2 Filming A Hard Dayb Night on train Maranbsp;...

Title:Way Beyond Compare
Author:John C. Winn
Publisher:Crown Archetype - 2008-12-09


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