We Don't Walk Nowhere

We Don't Walk Nowhere

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If you were alive during the Vietnam War (not conflict) it probably had a profound effect on you whether in the military or not, whether you loved or hated those who fought. If you pulled a tour of duty a€œin countrya€ you know what a crazy mess it was. Even if there wasna€™t a war going on around you typically the living conditions were enough of a foul challenge. Now that wea€™re old guys and gals we enjoy a camaraderie that only those who spent a tour in Vietnam can understand. God Bless all those who had their ass on the line every day.We were both sure it had nothing to do with shots and beers. ... a€œMattsan, how does plan a€œBa€ work?a€ a€œI have not an ... a€œExactly. So if we spend money on these $6000 an hour woman what do you think youa#39;re gonna want to do when you finish?

Title:We Don't Walk Nowhere
Author:James L. Longton
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2011-06-21


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