We Sinners

We Sinners

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This stunning debut novel--drawn from the author's own life experience--tells the moving story of a family of eleven in the American Midwest, bound together and torn apart by their faith The Rovaniemis and their nine children belong to a deeply traditional church (no drinking, no dancing, no TV) in modern-day Michigan. A normal family in many ways, the Rovaniemis struggle with sibling rivalry, parental expectations, and forming their own unique identities in such a large family. But when two of the children venture from the faith, the family fragments and a haunting question emerges: Do we believe for ourselves, or for each other? Each chapter is told from the distinctive point of view of a different Rovaniemi, drawing a nuanced, kaleidoscopic portrait of this unconventional family. The children who reject the church learn that freedom comes at the almost unbearable price of their close family ties, and those who stay struggle daily with the challenges of resisting the temptations of modern culture. With precision and potent detail, We Sinners follows each character on their journey of doubt, self-knowledge, acceptance, and, ultimately, survival.The boys banged on the door. Julia had run out of the ... a€œDad ran over the cat, a€ Julia was saying. a€œThe other week, before we ... a€œSeven, a€ Julia said, before Brita could stop her. a€œYour parents must be pretty busy, a€ he said. He laughed to himself .

Title:We Sinners
Author:Hanna Pylväinen
Publisher:Macmillan - 2012-08-21


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