We Were Pirates

We Were Pirates

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A sailora€™s extraordinary experiences on an American submarine in the Pacific are candidly reported in this eyewitness account of war from a torpedomana€™s perspective. Robert Hunt managed to survive twelve consecutive war patrols on the submarine USS Tambor. During the course of the war, Hunt was everywhere that mattered in the Pacific. He stood on the bow of the Tambor as it cruised into Pearl Harbor just days after the devastation of the Japanese air raid, peered through binoculars as his boat shadowed Japanese cruisers at the Battle of Midway, ferried guns and supplies to American guerilla fighters in the Philippines, fired torpedoes that sank vital Japanese shipping, and survived a near-fatal, seventeen-hour depth-charge attack. For a€œexceptional skill and proficiency at his battle stationa€ Hunt received a commendation from Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. This WWII torpedomana€™s account of the war offers the rare perspective of an enlisted seaman that is not available in the more common officer accounts. To capture the progress of the Pacific War through Hunta€™s eyes coauthors Robert Schultz and James Shell examined the young submariner's war diary, as well as crew letters, photographs, and captains' reports, and they also conducted hours of interviews. Their vivid descriptions of the ways in which sailors dealt with the stress of war while at sea or on liberty show a side of the war that is rarely reported. Hunta€™s submarine was the first of a new fleet of World War II boats and the namesake of a significant class. His remarkable story adds further luster to the heroic record of the submariners who served with him in the Pacific.Cigarettes were too damp to light, and everyone, including Bob, suffered from heat rash. ... It was a serious problem, for the boata#39;s equipment as well as the crew, with the extreme humidity corroding electrical contacts and shorting out circuits.

Title:We Were Pirates
Author:Robert Schultz, James Shell
Publisher:Naval Institute Press - 2010-12-07


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