Web Performance Tuning

Web Performance Tuning

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For as long as there's been a Web, people have been trying to make it faster. The maturation of the Web has meant more users, more data, more bells and whistles, and consequently longer waits on the Web. Improved performance has become one of the most important factors in determining the usability of both the Web in general and of individual sites in particular. Web Performance Tuningis about getting the best performance from the Web. This book isn't just about tuning the web server software; it's also about getting optimal performance from a browser, tuning the hardware (on both the server and browser ends), and maximizing the capacity of the network itself. Web Performance Tuninghits the ground running, giving concrete advice for quick results--the qblunt instrumentsq for improving crippled performance right away. The book then takes a breath and pulls back to give a conceptual background of the principles of computing performance. The latter half of the book approaches each element of a web transaction--from client to network to server--to examine the weak links in the chain and how to strengthen them. Tips include: Using simultaneous downloads to locate bottlenecks Adjusting TCP for better web performance Reducing the impact of DNS Upgrading device drivers Using alternatives to CGI Locating the web server strategically Minimizing browser cache lookups Avoiding symbolic links for web contentWee Advanced Perl Programming Apache: The Definitive Guide Building Your Own Web Conferences Building Your Own WebsiteTM ... Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference Frontier: The Definitive Guide Gif Animation Studio HTML The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition ... Power Objects Oracles Design Tins Oracle Built-in Packages Oracle Design Oracle Performance Tuning, 2nd Edition Oracle PL/SQLanbsp;...

Title:Web Performance Tuning
Author:Patrick Killelea
Publisher:O'Reilly Media - 1998


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