Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs

Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs

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Your one-stop reference for Spanish verbs Mastering Spanish verbs is a tough job for students learning the language, but now it's easier than ever! Whether you're studying the language in school or translating a report for work, Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs is the only verb reference you need. This handy resource lists verbs alphabetically in every mood and tense, complete with their idiomatic forms-so you'll not only know how to use a verb, but when to use it, too. Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs is the best Spanish verb reference money can buy, packed with more verbs and more extra features, like: * A comprehensive review of the rules of Spanish conjugation * More than 1, 500 additional verbs in their infinitive form, fully cross-referenced * Multiple sample sentences that demonstrate common usage for each verb * An appendix of irregular verbs to cut down on confusion * A full English-to-Spanish index of all the verbs in the bookIn Spanish, as in English, you can communicate a thought or idea with precision by learning how to use a verb in any mood (indicative, subjunctive, or imperative) and tense (past, present, future, or conditional). This book will help you toanbsp;...

Title:Webster's New World 575+ Spanish Verbs
Author:Elsa Marina Pittman
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2008-03-11


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