Wei Lu and the Mysterious Mushrooms

Wei Lu and the Mysterious Mushrooms

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Imagine what you could do if you were INVISIBLE! When a young orphan named Wei Lu discovers some strange mushrooms in the forest, he takes them to his uncle, an apothecary, who explains that tea made from the mushrooms makes the drinker invisible. Soon Wei Lu and his new friend, Princess Mei Ling, embark on a mission to free some children held as slaves in the fireworks factory of the wicked merchant Zu Bing. But once inside the factory, they learn about Zu Bing's traitorous plot to overthrow Mei Ling's father, the king. Will they have time to save the children and the kingdom before it's too late?a€œLook, Rabbit! Youa#39;ll even have makeup, like one of the actors in the opera!a€ a€œ Whata#39;s an opewa?a€ she asked. a€œNever mind ... Can you do that?a€ Rabbit nodded, baring her baby teeth and obviously enjoying the trick that she and Wei Lu ... The guards were much closer than before, and blocking their escape to the outside.

Title:Wei Lu and the Mysterious Mushrooms
Author:Markel Isham
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2004-10-01


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