Weight Loss Made Simple

Weight Loss Made Simple

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Weight loss is a confusing and vast subject. You can find tons of opinions on how to lose weight yet you dona€™t really know if those suggestions or opinions really work or not. Or most of them might have worked for other individuals but maybe not for you. You keep looking for that magic combination that is the key to your successful weight loss program and it just never comes. Youa€™re disappointed time after time and spend way too much money just to find the product or idea didna€™t even work in the first place. Ita€™s about time we find something that works. This book helps you find your way to lose weight that fits into your life style without completely changing your everyday life or routines. Its set up to help you chose whata€™s right for you and get you started with some simple steps to losing the weight you want to get rid of. There is no torture diets or exercise routines and everything in this book is geared to fit into your life.Just always remember the golden rule of weight loss Aca‚nA“Eat LessAca‚nA‚ I do sometimes however find for some reason or another that bananaAca‚nTMs ... Re- read this book as many times as you need to achieve your goals. ... So 1 tsp. of honey contains around 25 calories while 1 tsp of white sugar only contains 16 calories.

Title:Weight Loss Made Simple
Author:Robin Nelson-Shellenbarger
Publisher:Booktango - 2014-03-14


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