Weight Loss Tailored for Women

Weight Loss Tailored for Women

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Weight Loss Tailored for Women Dr. Karatoprak's Weight Loss a Longevity Breakthrough! The Revolutionary Personalized Body-Profile Type Approach Designed For Women Of All Ages For Women Who Want to Lose From 5 to over 100 Lbs. Doctor Developed * Doctor Tested * Doctor Recommended By Ohan Karatoprak, MD Dr. Karatoprak determined that qFor proper medically correct weight loss, people need to know their Body-Profile Type and the behavioral aspects of their lifestyle in order to tailor a personalized weight loss program (diet and exercise) for effective weight loss. These factors include: * Body Fat Type * Metabolic Type * Behavioral Type; Under-Exercise or Over-Exerciser; Under-Eater or Over-Eater With this information your Body-Profile Type is determined, which is used to establish a personalized nutrition and exercise program. Other factors such as supplements and in certain cases, medication are also determined using this approach. The How-To is contained in this book. Today we understand that the treatment of obesity (excess body fat) has to be a tailored one for each individual. Since each individual's body composition, metabolism, hormonal balance, exercise capacity, and caloric intake is different. qNot everyone is obese or overweight the same way, and not everyone is obese or overweight for the same reasonq. This phrase explains why all qone-size-fits-allq low calorie diets and weight loss programs fail. They are qhit-and-missq weight loss traps, and the majority of them promise quick weight loss results for most of the obese people who are looking for a quick fix. The end result of these weight loss books and diet programs is more obesity and frustration. Sounds familiar? More than 25 years of Dr. Karatoprak's hands on experience in weight loss and research has brought this book to you. As you go through his Body-Profile Type Approach in this book, and watch the free instructional videos, you will learn the essence of obesity and being overweight, and the proper treatment. You will see how important it is not to be on a low calorie diet, which can slow down your metabolism. You will understand how important it is to follow a diet and exercise program which is tailored for you, which will correct your hormonal imbalance, increase your metabolism, and improve your body composition for health and longevity. You will also discover how this book is important for your weight maintenance, to prevent weight gain.Every time your muscles contract and relax to move your body around, strength is exhibited and calories are used. ... benefit when you resistance exercise to build a stronger body, but the added muscle fibers also do wonders for your skin andanbsp;...

Title:Weight Loss Tailored for Women
Author:Ohan Karatoprak MD
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2014-01-13


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