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qAs a child, author Ray Rizzo suffered a head injury that left him with severe headaches and occasional visionary states. At seventeen, he began to study yoga and to practice fasting, meditation, and shamanism, which alleviated his chronic symptoms. In his own recovery, he discovered an ability to assist others in their healing processes-a quest that would culminate in a traditional shamanic apprenticeship deep in the Amazon jungle. There, after nearly a month of isolation and using more than ten years of experience in the healing arts, he developed his unique synthesis. q The style is no style. The goal is to practice what is most efficient and effective. qWeightlessnessq includes guidance on a number of techniques and topics, including the Sun Salute; the Swimming Dragon; hatha yoga; essential Pilates; secret chi kung forms; therapeutic exercises; optimal nutrition; breathing; metaphysics. Whether you are an athlete, yoga practitioner, dancer, or martial artist-or even if you are new to movement-this guide can help you, in as little as fifteen minutes a day, to transform your body-mind, deepen your practice, increase energy, overcome injuries, and discover the feeling of qWeightlessness.q2.1. Pinched. Nerve/Neck. Spasm/Headaches. WHAT IT IS: You wake up to pouring rain, and adding to that, you slept on the pillow wrong. The sofa ... WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT: Many common pains are involuntary contractions, which can setanbsp;...

Author:Ray Rizzo
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-01


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