Weird Science

Weird Science

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Discover the weird science behind the ickiest, wackiest, most unusual things ever to exist! Would you like to make your own slime, discover how lava lamps work, or learn how materials decompose? Have you ever heard about ball lightning or the Aurora Borealis on the news and wondered what the reporter was talking about? Are you looking for great ideas for your next science fair project? If you answered qyesq to any of these questions, then Weird Science is for you! From banana slugs and dry ice to optical illusions and time travel, you'll investigate some of the most bizarre scientific oddities on Earth. Dozens of fun-packed activities help you see for yourself how quicksand really works, why our feet sometimes get smelly, how worm holes and black holes are formed, why insects can walk on water, and much more. You'll even see how you can turn these amazing activities into science projects! Each experiment is safe and easy to do, and all you need is everyday stuff from around the house. So get ready to take a strange, creepy, and sometimes even gross journey through Weird Science!When the magma reaches the eartha#39;s surface, as when a volcano erupts, ita#39;s called lava. ... If this hot water slowly runs back to the surface, you get a hot spring . But if conditions are right, the hot water may move rapidly to the surface, erupting and throwing water into the air in a geyser. ... Materials a#39;/2-gallon (2-liter) bottle of cola Mentos mint candy Note: This activity must be done outside in an open.

Title:Weird Science
Author:Jim Wiese
Publisher:Wiley - 2004-04-23


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