We're Having A Puppy!

We're Having A Puppy!

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Who's going to be your new best friend? Choosing a puppy is a lot of fun, but it's also an important decision. This unique guide shows you how to select the breed which most perfectly matches your personality and environment. Looking for a laid-back, comforting friend? A Saint Bernard or Pinscher would love to stay at home and relax with you. Need a dog that loves the city? Welsh corgis and French bulldogs are among the most cosmopolitan of canines. Looking for non-stop friendliness? Count on a Norwich terrier or beagle to bond as your most cheerful buddy. Active and energetic? Golden retrievers and greyhounds will keep up with you. Choose a puppy as you would choose a partner-- carefully! With the help of a personal questionnaire, profiles of various breeds and their personalities, and charts listing the main characteristics of more than 100 dogs, with Eric Swanson's We're Having a Puppy! you'll be on your way to proud puppy parenthood.The most likely emergency situations youmay face include: Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke. Hard exercise inthe summer months cancause heatexhaustion, especially among young or old dogs, longhairs, and dogs withflat faces. Anydog mayanbsp;...

Title:We're Having A Puppy!
Author:Eric Swanson
Publisher:St. Martin's Press - 2014-08-12


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