We've Come a 'Fer Piece

We've Come a 'Fer Piece

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Looking through his crystal clear rose colored lenses, Arner examines his boyhood as he searches for the answer to the age old question each of us asks from time to time, a€œWhy am I who I am?a€ Through his warm, rich, engaging, and humorous style, readers meet and get to know unforgettable characters like The Mastermind, Jerry Yellsalot, and Claude Hopper as they explore and relive hilarious life-altering events told through the eyes of the boy who actually lived them. Hilarious and thought provoking, stories like Fudge? What Fudge?, The Stagecoach, Setting Pins, and Trust Me, This Wona€™t Hurt, lead the reader through the maze we call childhood and the pattern-maker's mold of our teen years through which the die is made and cast that shapes us into the adults we become. Travel back now to a time not so long ago when the world seemed to spin a little slower and life was a lot simpler; a time when dreams were dreamed and adventures were lived and a boy grew into a man.As the afternoon wore on and Jerrya#39;s black car soaked up more and more heat, the first beginnings of trouble became ... is that smell? Whata#39;d you do, run over a skunk?a€ Gasp. Gag. a#39;Dunno, Red. Been smellina#39; like that for the past three oranbsp;...

Title:We've Come a 'Fer Piece
Author:Stephen A. Arner
Publisher:Author House - 2011-12-30


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