What Caused the Big Bang?

What Caused the Big Bang?

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This book critically explores answers to the big question, What produced our universe around fifteen billion years ago in a Big Bang? It critiques contemporary atheistic cosmologies, including Steady State, Oscillationism, Big Fizz, Big Divide, and Big Accident, that affirm the eternity and self-sufficiency of the universe without God. This study defends and revises Process Theology and arguments for God's existence from the universe's life-supporting order and contingent existence.Evidences for the Big Bang What evidences support the Big Bang account of the origin and development of our cosmos? Why do scientific cosmologists believe that our universe began in a cataclysmic thermonuclear explosion? Evidence ... A . Receding Galaxies and the Redshift Only since the early 1920s have we known with assurance of the existence of other galaxies, profuse with stars. Beforeanbsp;...

Title:What Caused the Big Bang?
Author:Rem Blanchard Edwards
Publisher:Rodopi - 2001-01-01


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