What Did Jesus Drive?

What Did Jesus Drive?

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Vines takes readers on a graphic, sometimes sad and often hilarious behind-the-scenes romp through some of the most publicized and studied crises in recent history. This is a book about his life in the public relations blast furnace in the automotive industry; a quickly-derailed attempt to help a friend rebuild Detroit's tattered image, thwarted by the sex, lies and corruption; and trying to avoid another crisis with the number one selling book of all time. No, not Harry Potter; the Bible.q The crises Vines helped navigate through made headlines the world over: Jeep vehicles accused of deadly sudden unintended acceleration, Nissan's near-death experience until it regained its MOJO, the Ford/Firestone tire mega-debacle, a jihad against SUVs by the qWhat Would Jesus Drive?q nuts, Vines tackles the fake Chevy Volt fire crisis and General Motors' 2014 nightmare with its faulty ignition switches that led to at least 13 deaths and may lead to criminal indictments.Forda#39;s future, at least short term, as well as General Motorsa#39; and Toyotaa#39;s, was at stake being big customers of Firestone. ... Around May of 2000, the crisis started to escalate, and not just in America. In fact, America was late to the party. Ford officials first started seeing problems with Firestone tires on Explorers in the Middle East and in Venezuela a€“ two regions that ... Ford Middle East officials starting getting lots of complaints regarding tread separation of Firestone tires on Explorers.

Title:What Did Jesus Drive?
Author:Jason Vines
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-10-30


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