What Does It Mean to Be a Man?

What Does It Mean to Be a Man?

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There is undeniably a macho side to most men--a great majority come to adulthood conditioned to be tough. They jockey for dominance even when it in unnecessary, often hide the softer parts of their humanity, and have difficulty expressing their innermost feelings. They can too easily be sexual without live or concern, slip quite readily into anger and violence, and struggle to relate with sensitivity to their spouses, children, or friends. However, there is also a softer side and--as they grow up--many men acquire some highly positive assets. These include self-reliance, the ability to withstand hardship and pain, and the tendency to the calm in the face of challenge or danger. Most men know how to express love by doing things for others and take their role as breadwinners seriously. Plus, they tend to be successful as problem-solvers and leaders. According to Thomas Hart, the challenge for men is to overcome the limitations of the macho side of manhood and learn to draw upon the full range of their emotional capabilities. Only by doing this can they truly become whole men. In this practical book, Hart draws upon his several decades of experience as therapist and spiritual guide to men to lay out in practical terms the transition that men need to make in order to realize this hope. Written for men, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A MAN? shows readers how to develop into the fullness of male humanity. In practical terms, it shows readers how to heal the wounds of boyhood, recover the world of feeling, humanize aggression and sexuality, find their true selves, develop their spirituality, and grow in intimacy with those they love.I knew his family fairly well, and it was evident that his wife knew the kidsa#39; lives far , far better than he did. She knew each ... How would you like to be involved in the planning, the problem solving, and the caretaking on an equal basis? It would anbsp;...

Title:What Does It Mean to Be a Man?
Author:Thomas N. Hart
Publisher:Paulist Press - 2004


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