What If ''2009''?

What If ''2009''?

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This book is about a family that goes through some a€œWhat ifa€ situations that will change their lives forever. Ita€™s no main characters in this novel because everybody has a a€œWhat ifa€ situation to go through. Someone gets shot, someone gets involved in a serious relationship, and someone finds God even when they werena€™t looking for him and someone gets pregnant without sleeping with a man. Ita€™s gonna be some serious situations that the average person who has God in their lives wouldna€™t want to read this because of the explicit content in this book, but we all were born in sin and aina€™t nothing new under the sun. So give it a chance because it could be somebody you know, what if it was you!a€œSo since your night is already booked up, I want to be with you all day. Is that ok with you? ... a€œnothing really, but you do need to learn how to roll up for yourself, because I aina#39;t gonna be with you every time you want to smoke.a€ a€œYeah youa#39;reanbsp;...

Title:What If ''2009''?
Author:Sammie L. Howell Jr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-06-21


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