What in the World Are You Doing with Cancer?

What in the World Are You Doing with Cancer?

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Cancer? Dona€™t only old people and little kids get cancer? How on earth did I get cancer? Thata€™s what Hannah McGinnis thought when she found out she had Hodgkina€™s lymphoma as a twenty-one-year-old college senior. She didna€™t qualify for aid, wigs, or wish-fulfillment programs like children under eighteen, but she didna€™t feel old enough to be lumped in with middle-aged women and men fighting cancer. She found herself in the prime of life, battling a formidable disease without warning and without resources for her situation in life. In What in the World Are You Doing with Cancer?, McGinnis walks through her journey with the disease, from her diagnosis to the final treatment and her later reflections. She reveals her thoughts, fears, joys, and struggles with a touch of sarcasm along the way. Ultimately, though the diagnosis was both surreal and frightening, she found hope, a deeper purpose, and a faithful God. McGinnis encourages usa€”whether we have cancer or nota€”to remember that God is sovereign, to finish strong, and to find the eternal perspective in whatever unexpected trials we may face.It might not look how we envision a rescue to play outa€”all warm, comfy, and happily ever after with a new castle to go ... and Abednego reply to the kinga#39;s threat that he will throw them into a furnace if they dona#39;t bow down and worship him.

Title:What in the World Are You Doing with Cancer?
Author:Hannah McGinnis
Publisher:WestBowPress - 2013-10-03


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