What is Criminology About?

What is Criminology About?

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Since its inception, criminology has had trouble answering the question of what it is about. But although many consider the answer to this question to be self-evident, this book pursues the provocative possibility that criminology does not know what the object of its study is; it merely knows what it is called. Aiming to foster dissent among those who claim to know what criminology is about a€“ and those who dona€™t a€“ writers from different schools of thought come together in this collection to answer the question qwhat is criminology about?q Building on a resurgence of interest in the nature of the object of criminology, their responses aim to deepen, and to expand, the current debate. This book will, then, be of considerable interest to contemporary proponents and students of criminology and law.As Garfinkel (1981: 21; seealso Delanda2002) tells it, ifa priest asksa thief why herobs banks, the thiefAls answer wouldnot be situated ... Deleuze informs us( 1990: 239Ay40; 1994:118Ay19; Delanda 2002: 160Ay61, 219), that transmission of information and ... Thus awell- posed problem and questionis fundamental16 particularly being sensitive to the contrast spaces atplay.This isin accord with BusemeyerAls and BruzaAls (2014: 5)discussion ofsubspaces as vector spaces representing aanbsp;...

Title:What is Criminology About?
Author:Don Crewe, Ronnie Lippens
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-02-20


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