What Is Your Quest?

What Is Your Quest?

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qWhat's Your Quest? examines the future of electronic literature in a world where tablets and e-readers are becoming as common as printed books and where fans everywhere are blurring of the positions of reader and author. The magic of Youtube, the iPad, and adventure gaming draws upon a history of convergence in digital storytelling that has evolved alongside computing itself, as new tools and models for interactive narrative and the increased accessibility of those tools have allowed for a broad range of storytellers to build on these emerging models for literary interactionq--own versions of a new Monkey Island game for a decade now, a€ but this description might be selling those fans short. ... was just brought out in a digital- rights-management-free form for online download, and at $10 a download, it is clear thatanbsp;...

Title:What Is Your Quest?
Author:Anastasia Salter
Publisher:University of Iowa Press - 2014-11-01


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