What Itching Ears Don't Want to Hear

What Itching Ears Don't Want to Hear

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As Christians we are expected to be able to tell people why we believe what we believe (I Peter 3:15). Additionally, we are to do so by correctly explaining the Bible from the context in which it was written (II Timothy 2:15). This means that, no matter what denomination we may be a part of, we as claimed Christians during these last days need to lay aside our personal biases in order to further understand how the apostles perceived the Gospel. Not to imply that any church denomination is a€œwronga€ for any particular view; maybe just incomplete for not fully comprehending the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ to the measure of the men who actually heard Him. Some may call this work just a a€œtheory, a€ but what this book offers is a prospect of what the apostles essentially gathered from the man Jesus, along with the principles He instituted apart from the typical view of todaya€™s modernized audience, that is. As we take a look into the development of the early church from a different angle we will examine certain words and actions taken by the apostles which commonly go unnoticed. In other words, we should be able to detect which New Testament doctrines have been swept under the rug by modern tradition. By the end of this endeavor you alone must determine whether this book should be classified as fact or fiction. You alone must decide whether or not you will apply these principles. You alone must ... ... work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. a€”Philippians 2:12a€”Matthew 16:21-23 Obviously, Peter had difficulty accepting the trutha€”even to the point that he attempted to prevent the will of Goda€”and in turn the Lord rebuked him for it. Likewise, when we resist the will of God or try to prevent others fromanbsp;...

Title:What Itching Ears Don't Want to Hear
Author:Andrew M. Denny
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-03-08


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