What No One Else Is Saying about Online-Poker

What No One Else Is Saying about Online-Poker

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With the renewed interest in the WSOP and Texas Hold-Em poker, online poker rooms have become the easiest way for the average player to get in the game. Online poker generates billions of dollars a year. Millions are playing and millions are lost every day. When playing poker live, an experienced player coupled with a little luck is a winning hand. But when playing online, rampant cheating and endless numbers of bad players make the luck factor the deciding factor. This book will let you understand the two different games being played, comparing live play to online play. What No One Else Is Saying About Online Pokerhighlights how the internet has changed the game into a free for all that could bring even the most experienced professional poker player to his knees, begging for mercy. What No One Else Is Saying About Online Poker is the tell all book about online poker. Topics: . Research the ins and outs of the industry and how the internet has changed the game forever. . Understand why online poker rooms are spending millions to detect cheating. . Learn the different types of cheating taking place in today's online poker rooms and how to recognize it. . Uncover the truths and rumored myths of online poker. . Learn exactly where online poker rooms and the players stand concerning the new bill passed into law on October 13, 2006: qThe Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.q . Arm yourself with the knowledge to compete and discover if you can even afford trying. Author Carl Varrone, a successful business owner and poker enthusiast began his research for What No One Else Is Saying About Online Pokerin 1998. His curriculum included reading numerous books and firsthand experiences in casino poker rooms learning to master the game. When poker rooms started popping up on the internet, Varrone found himself playing online every chance he could. Through his years of playing and research he was compelled to write this book. Every person playing online poker or considering it should learn from his experiences before getting in on the action.The amount of theft going on via the internet is staggering and in the billions of dollars. So now we even have casinos and poker sites that decided to enter the world of the internet and high tech involving real money. If you ever wanted to makeanbsp;...

Title:What No One Else Is Saying about Online-Poker
Author:Carl Varrone
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2007-02


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