What to Eat

What to Eat

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Since its publication in hardcover last year, Marion Nestle's What to Eat has become the definitive guide to making healthy and informed choices about food. Praised as qradiant with maxims to live byq in The New York Times Book Review and qaccessible, reliable and comprehensiveq in The Washington Post, What to Eat is an indispensable resource, packed with important information and useful advice from the acclaimed nutritionist who qhas become to the food industry what . . . Ralph Nader [was] to the automobile industryq (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). How we choose which foods to eat is growing more complicated by the day, and the straightforward, practical approach of What to Eat has been praised as welcome relief. As Nestle takes us through each supermarket section--produce, dairy, meat, fish--she explains the issues, cutting through foodie jargon and complicated nutrition labels, and debunking the misleading health claims made by big food companies. With Nestle as our guide, we are shown how to make wise food choices--and are inspired to eat sensibly and nutritiously. Now in paperback, What to Eat is already a classic--qthe perfect guidebook to help navigate through the confusion of which foods are good for usq (USA Today).Supermarkets say they are in the business of offering a€œchoice.a€ Perhaps, but they do everything possible to make the choice theirs, not yours. Supermarkets are not social service agencies providing food for the hungry. Their job is to sell food, anbsp;...

Title:What to Eat
Author:Marion Nestle
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-04-01


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