What to Expect in the Military

What to Expect in the Military

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For many young people weighing the pros and cons of joining the military, the details of what their lives would be like in uniform are often a mystery. How tough is boot camp really? How much freedom would I have? What is the fine print for pay and veterans benefits? Do spouses and children receive any benefits? This unique guide provides a mix of factual information and practical advice from the author of a half-dozen books that translate military-ese into simple English. Students, parents, and counselors can use this helpful guide to make informed desicisions about whether or not military is right for them.Thata#39;s when he decided to have a chat with a military recruiter. aquot;He was a ... Some of my buddies had just joined, and they filled me in on what to do. ... It was just a break from the books and the chance to earn GI Bill benefits to pay for college.

Title:What to Expect in the Military
Author:P. J. Budahn
Publisher:Greenwood Publishing Group - 2000


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