What We Could Have Done with the Money

What We Could Have Done with the Money

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The war in Iraq is not only controversial, it's also astronomically expensive. Now Rob Simpson answers the question many concerned Americans have been asking: Wasn't there some other way the government could have spent one trillion of our tax dollars? What We Could Have Done with the Money presents 50 thought-provoking spending alternatives. With a trillion dollars, we could . . . Fix Social Security right now: Stop worrying. Stop debating. It's done. Over. Fixed. End homelessness in America: House 15 million homeless families, get a million kids out of foster care, and have change to spare! Give everyone in the world satellite TV: Can we have the revolution later? I'm watching CSI right now. Pay everyone in Iraq to be nice to each other: Hey! If someone tripled your salary for the next 20 years, wouldn't you behave? Go Green: Give 100 million car buyers a $10, 000 subsidy on their hybrid. Or gold . . . : Pave every highway in America with gold leaf. Play ball!: Fly everyone in Iraq to America, put them up in a nice hotel for three days with all the extras, take them to a baseball game and fly them home . . . and have a lot leftover. Cure cancer: Double research spending for as long as it takes. . . . not to mention paying all credit card debt, buying everyone in the world an iPod, building 75 million solar-powered homes, and 39 other revealing pipe dreams. Shocking, thought-provoking, and incredibly entertaining, Simpson takes a hard look at the government's top priorities--both what they are and what they should be.a€œToyotaa#39;s US Sales of Prius and Camry Hybrids Soared in March, a€ online at www. greencarcongress.com/2007/04/toyotas_us_sale.html. ... Q. www.census.gov/ prod/2006pubs/p23-209.pdf, p.1 Q. Department of Transportation records, as cited in Kathleen Murphy, a€œElderly drivers pose ... David Kusnet, a€œLabora#39;s SearchforJob Security, a€onlineat multinational monitor.org/hyper/issues/1987/11/ kusnet.

Title:What We Could Have Done with the Money
Author:Rob Simpson
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2008-07-01


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