What Women Want

What Women Want

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The author of Why We Buy reports on the growing importance of women in everybody's marketplace--what makes a package, product, space, or service qfemale friendly.q He offers a tour of the world's marketplace--with shrewd observations and practical applications to help everybody adapt to the new realities. Underhill examines how a woman's role as homemaker has evolved into homeowner; how the home gym and home office are linked to the women's health movement and home-based businesses; why the refrigerator has trumped the stove as the crucial appliance; why some malls are succeeding while others fail. qThe point is, q writes Underhill, qwhile men were busy doing other things, women were becoming a major social, cultural, and economic force.q And, as he warns, no business can afford to ignore their power and presence--From publisher description.Spanx, for those of you unfamiliar with the product, are female undergarments. Theya#39;re like pantyhose with the legs lopped off. Spanx get rid of lumps, bumps, and visible panty lines and makes most females look ten pounds lighter. Theya#39;re aanbsp;...

Title:What Women Want
Author:Paco Underhill
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-07-19


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