What's That Job and How the Hell Do I Get It?

What's That Job and How the Hell Do I Get It?

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WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS? A no-BS directory of more than fifty cool careers. A book that explains, in detail, what each job really entails -- and then tells you what you need to do to actually get it. A book for people searching for the right job. Dona€™t panic; you will not end up a hobo or pharmaceutical test subject. AND HOW THE HELL WILL IT HELP ME? Each chapter is based on insider knowledge gleaned from interviews with the cream of the crop in their fields--experts like Kate Spade on fashion design; Nicola Kraus, The Nanny Diaries, on being an author; Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, Little Miss Sunshine, and Eli Roth, Hostel, on directing filmsa€b and many more. Youa€™ll get answers to burning career questions such as: What will I actually do all day? Do I have to wear a suit and pointy shoes? How do I even get my foot in the door? What should I say on the interview? What are the pros and cons of this job? Will I be able to afford a yacht? By the end of each chapter, youa€™ll know exactly what each career is, whether you want to pursue it, and exactly what ita€™s going to take to get it. Over fifty different jobs are detailed, including: Blogger Chef Event Planner Investment Banker Magazine Writer Multimedia Designer Personal Trainer Screenwriter Veterinarian Video Game Developer Wardrobe Stylist And many morea€b From the Trade Paperback edition.They can create ideas for something as epic as a new Levia#39;s TV campaign set in Antarctica, or as tactical as what it will say on the tags that hang off the ... Yes, some agencies focus on interactive or online work, but that is beginning to change.

Title:What's That Job and How the Hell Do I Get It?
Author:David J. Rosen
Publisher:Crown Business - 2008-03-11


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