What's with My Body?

What's with My Body?

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All About Girls, Puberty, and Growing Up What preteen or young teen hasn't wondered, qWhat is up with my body?q even if YOU haven't yet, you will, and that's okay. There really are answers, good answers, to all of your questions. Inside is reassuring, accurate advice for all preteen and young teen girls (and their parents). Presented in a question and answer format, all of the toughest and most important stuff that's on your mind is right here from body changes, skin and hair care, and menstruation to moods, eating disorders, and sexuality. You'll discover what your body is all about and feel great about it and yourself. From the Trade Paperback edition.Sweating is your bodya#39;s cooling system. When you sweat, moisture comes out of the pores on your skin. As that moisture evaporates from your skin into the air, you feel cooler. Though you cana#39;ta€”and shouldna#39;ta€”stop yourself from sweating, anbsp;...

Title:What's with My Body?
Author:Selene Yeager
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2011-02-16


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