What's wrong with My Kid? and Recovering My Kid Bundle

What's wrong with My Kid? and Recovering My Kid Bundle

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A down-to-earth, judgment-free guide on recognizing the warning signs of alcohol and drug use in their kids, recognizing if therea€™s a problem, and creating a safe, supportive environment during treatment and throughout recovery. Raising a child is tough as it is, but when your kid becomes addicted to alcohol or other drugs, it can feel as if youa€™re living a nightmare. Youa€™re not alone. In the Whata€™s Wrong with My Kid? and Recovering My Kid bundle, authors George E. Leary, Jr., and Dr. Joseph Lee, take worried, confused, and angry parents by the hand and addresses their most pressing questions and fears: What are the warning signs of addiction? Is my child addicted? What is addiction? What happens when my child returns home from treatment? How can my family support his or her recovery? What if my child relapses? How can my family get well again? This book will help family members begin to identify whether or not their child has a problem, and if so, they will be able to understand what their loved one is going through and how they can help the addict adjust to a clean-and-sober life while still taking care of themselves.Strange Odors If you have detected strange odors in your home, especially in the bathroom or bedroom, consider the ... are regularly used to mask the odors of smoked drugs as well as alcohol Missing or Watered-Down Liquor Youth abusinganbsp;...

Title:What's wrong with My Kid? and Recovering My Kid Bundle
Author:Joseph Lee, George E. Leary, Jr.
Publisher:Hazelden Publishing - 2013-08-21


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