When Grandmother Was a Little Girl

When Grandmother Was a Little Girl

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Story telling is a lost art. There once was a time when stories were passed on by word of mouth from generation to generation. These stories are a chronicle of that time. These particular stories were told as stories generations ago long before there were telephones, televisions, DVDs or films to be viewed at the movie complex. They were told before there were computers, iphones, Blackberries or X-men.These particular stories were transcribed by my uncle in the 1950's and are about the stories he remembers his aunt telling him about her grandmother when she was a little girl. That would make the setting and time of these stories somewhere around the early to middle 1800's. These stories will take you back to a more serene and pastoral time. They are very enchanting stories and they evoke memories of how life was lived a long time ago. One of the more notable elements of the narrative is that they are not grammatically correct but rather are rife with dangling participles and misplaced modifiers. But that is their charm. They are told in such a way that you can really picture and hear a little old grandmother telling a story in front of some transfixed children. That is the beauty of them. So sit yourselves down in front of the roaring fireplace with some cider and start roasting some nuts like they used to do so long ago. And be very quiet, children, So grandmother can tell you about the time when her grandmother was a little girl.But when one hawk goes to call on another hawk, he knows just where the hawka#39;s house is because the hawks never move. ... fly so many, many times a day to the top story of the tree bringing them their breakfasts and their dinners and their suppers. ... farmera#39;s garden and if Mr. Hawk didna#39;t fly down and catch the bugs and the frogs and the field mice that were eating ... But sometimes Mr. Hawk gets tired of having the same thing to eat every day and feels the way we do when we wishanbsp;...

Title:When Grandmother Was a Little Girl
Author:Harris T. Vincent, Mary Brewer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-10


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