When I Grow up

When I Grow up

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By the early nineties, singer-songwriter and former Blake Babies member Juliana Hatfielda€™s solo career was taking off: She was on the cover of Spin and Sassy. Ben Stiller directed the video for her song qSpin the Bottleq from the Reality Bites film soundtrack. Then, after canceling a European tour to treat severe depression and failing to produce another qhit, q she spent a decade releasing well reviewed albums on indie labels and performing in ever-smaller clubs. A few years ago, she found herself reading the New Yorker on a filthy couch in the tiny dressing room of a punk club and asked, qWhy am I still doing this?q By turns wryly funny and woundingly sincere, When I Grow Up takes you behind the scenes of rock life as Hatfield recounts her best and worst days, the origins of her songs, the source of her woes, and her quest to find a new purpose in life.Every time Barry would leave the studio after one of his visits he would say something vague and mildly encouraging to me, ... label, who would tell Gary, my manager, that Barry had said, a€œI dona#39;t hear a single. She needs to keep writing. Therea#39;s no hit. ... I knew that it was part of the process for many artists, so I went along with it, feeling energized by the fact that the label ... Radioheada#39;s first big song, a€œCreep, a€ was a throw-away that the band started playing around with in the studio as aanbsp;...

Title:When I Grow up
Author:Juliana Hatfield
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-11-03


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