When Life is Linear

When Life is Linear

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From simulating complex phenomenon on supercomputers to storing the coordinates needed in modern 3D printing, data is a huge and growing part of our world. A major tool to manipulate and study this data is linear algebra. When Life is Linear introduces concepts of matrix algebra with an emphasis on application, particularly in the fields of computer graphics and data mining. Readers will learn to make an image transparent, compress an image and rotate a 3D wireframe model. In data mining, readers will use linear algebra to read zip codes on envelopes and encrypt sensitive information. Chartier details methods behind web search, utilized by such companies as Google, and algorithms for sports ranking which have been applied to creating brackets for March Madness and predict outcomes in FIFA World Cup soccer. The book can serve as its own resource or to supplement a course on linear algebra.Date of Match Multiplier Within the last 12 months 1.0 12a€“24 months ago 0.5 24a€“ 36 months ago 0.3 36a€“48 months ago 0.2 and regional strength are integrated ... So, if a game occurs in a World Cup final then we will weight it with a 4. ... Wea#39;ll take a simple approach and simply see if the higher rated team won when two teams in the World Cup played within six months of the tournament. ... There were also seven draws which we dona#39;t mark as this work doesna#39;t currently predict draws.

Title:When Life is Linear
Author:Tim Chartier
Publisher:The Mathematical Association of America - 2015-01-07


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