When Planets Collide

When Planets Collide

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A fun, light-hearted, humorous book that is packed with great dating advice from the male and female perspective. After all, if you understand how both sexes view dating you'll be at an advantage, making the dating process a lot more enjoyable. We all know how hard it is to get dates with the types of people we really want to meet. The last thing you want to happen is to blow a great date when you fi nally get one. This book will help you get fi rst dates as well as help in the process of great 2nd and 3rd dates. This is imperative, because if you don't make it to 4th dates you have no chance of being in a relationship. Planets truly do collide in this easy to read book that you'll be referring back to for a long time as you search for your perfect match. On When They Aren't Into You qThis part is more of a public service for women than you men. When you don't recognize the signs, in the woman's mind you become more like a stalker than a simple dumbass that doesn't get it.q Jim On Dating Services qThe person of your dreams will not show up and knock on your door one day. Take charge and be proactive.q Jenifer On The Hen House qHaving a hen house can be risky in a variety of ways, so think long and hard before deciding to walk down this path.q Jim On Being Confi dent Not Arrogant qArrogance is a sense of superiority; self confi dence is simply believing in yourself and your own abilities JeniferA Dating Guide Jenifer Rose, Jim Ghiglieri ... No woman wants to start working her tongue in your ear only to taste ear wax, so let the Q-tips do theirjob. ... Ifyou can only afford one bottle of cologne/perfume, then buy quality, not quantity.

Title:When Planets Collide
Author:Jenifer Rose, Jim Ghiglieri
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-06-23


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