When Political Parties Die

When Political Parties Die

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This book presents a theory of political disalignment and a revised theory of party realignment, using four case studies from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Italy to illustrate these concepts. * Includes a schematic presenting a novel theoretical organization of voters, applicable to the electorate of any democracy * The bibliography contains a reference list of important and pertinent works on party systems, leadership and realignment, as well as on the politics of pre-Civil War America; Britain after World War I, Italy after World War II, and the full scope of Canadian politics * Contains over 50 tables showing voter behavior in each of the four case studiesKatz, Richard S., and William Crotty, eds. Handbook of Party Politics. London: Sage, 2006. Katz, Richard S., and Peter Mair. a€œChanging Models of Party Organization and Party Democracy: The Emergence of the Cartel Party.a€ Party Politicsanbsp;...

Title:When Political Parties Die
Author:Charles S. Mack
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2010


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