When Religion Meets New Media

When Religion Meets New Media

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This lively book focuses on how different Jewish, Muslim, and Christian communities engage with new media. Rather than simply reject or accept new media, religious communities negotiate complex relationships with these technologies in light of their history and beliefs. Heidi Campbell suggests a method for studying these processes she calls the qreligious-social shaping of technologyq and students are asked to consider four key areas: religious tradition and history; contemporary community values and priorities; negotiation and innovating technology in light of the community; communal discourses applied to justify use. A wealth of examples such as the Christian e-vangelism movement, Modern Islamic discourses about computers and the rise of the Jewish kosher cell phone, demonstrate the dominant strategies which emerge for religious media users, as well as the unique motivations that guide specific groups.multiple versions which often are a€œOrthodox (a#39;poorly translated, difficult to understanda#39;), modernized (a#39;trimmed too mucha#39;), ... Therefore, he sought to create one which covered the fifteen mandatory steps of the Seder in clear, conversational English with songs and illustrations (Pine, 2006). ... offers an online version based on excerpts from the orthodox Passover Haggadah combined with commentary fromanbsp;...

Title:When Religion Meets New Media
Author:Heidi Campbell
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-04-05


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