When Your Child Has . . . Dyslexia

When Your Child Has . . . Dyslexia

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Finding out that a child has dyslexia can be shocking and confusing - and thousands of parents get this disturbing news every day. Appearing as early as when a child is struggling to say a€œMamaa€ and a€œDada, a€ dyslexia is a condition that will affect a childa€™s ability to read, write, and understand basic language construction - and for a parent, this can be a tough reality to take in. Covering information on every stage of diagnosis, treatment, and growth, this reference will help parents: teach children how to cope with educational, personal, and social difficulties; choose the right school and reduce academic struggles; maintain communication with their frustrated child; and more. Providing parents with the invaluable information and resources they need, this book takes an in-depth look at the reality of the disability and manages to make sense of it for worried parents.Keep in mind that once your child is able to read at first or second grade level, he will encounter more words that are ... for familiar letter patterns, to break words down into syllables or word segments, or to recognize common roots and affixes.

Title:When Your Child Has . . . Dyslexia
Author:Abigail Marshall, Vincent Iannelli
Publisher:Adams Media - 2009-01-17


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