When's Recess?

When's Recess?

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If you've been yearning for qrecess, q THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Looking for permission to play? YOU'VE GOT IT! Want some fun ideas to try out with your co-workers, your family, and your friends? IT'S RIGHT HERE! Ever wonder if it's possible to stay young without the use of cosmetic surgery or anti-aging supplements? DR. PLAY HAS THE PRESCRIPTION! Howard Papush, often referred to as Dr. Play, is a nationally-known motivational speaker whose informative and entertaining LET'S PLAY AGAIN seminars have shown participants from Microsoft, Xerox, Toyota, Merrill Lynch, Blue Cross, City University of New York, The Walt Disney Company, American Heart Association, United States Postal Service, and countless other organizations how to bring more joy into their work, their relationships, and indeed their lives. He is a former television executive who once worked closely with legendary TV personalities Johnny Carson, Barbara Walters, Dick Clark, Allen Funt, Ralph Edwards, and qHowdy Doody.q As a talent executive at The Tonight Show, he was instrumental in the show's first-time appearances of Jay Leno, Suzanne Somers, Chevy Chase, Natalie Cole, Marvin Hamlisch, Wayne Dyer, Carl Sagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this book, Dr. Play not only gets you in touch with your creative soul, but also offers powerful tools to better manage your stress levels, whether on the job or at home. You are given permission to bring toys to work, skip merrily down the corridors of corporate headquarters, and even play with your food. Want to discover how some well known celebrities played as children? Hear about a surprise party that is really different? Learn how to deal with your inner child qitchingq for a play break when you're either in the midst of an important business meeting or cleaning your home? qWHEN'S RECESS?q Right now - just OPEN the book!Playing Your Way Through the Stresses of Life Howard Papush Aka Dr Play, Howard Papush. if I can set up a phone or in-person appointment. Most of the time I get voice mail. You know, aquot;This is such and such. Ia#39;m not here right now but youranbsp;...

Title:When's Recess?
Author:Howard Papush Aka Dr Play, Howard Papush
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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