Where Am I And Who's Winning?

Where Am I And Who's Winning?

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To the armchair fan, the life of the sports writer is one of unalloyed joy: all-expenses-paid trips to the most exciting events in the world, the best seats in the house, and one-on-one interviews with Anna Kournikova... Well, up to a point. Where Am I And Who's Winning? describes what it's really like to make your way through the world of sport, always on deadline, always between time zones, on a frantic, chaotic and hilarious tour of the planet's most famous and most bizarre sporting venues. There's football to be watched. And Formula One. And tennis. And two Olympics, two Commonwealth Games, ocean racing, curling, and of course the queen of sports - synchronised swimming. Permanently handicapped by jet-lag and ignorance, Andrew Baker travels by bullet train, bobsled, go-kart, and (most dangerous of all) bus in his constant quest to arrive at the match/race-meeting/mountain-top on time. Between soul-enhancing visits to the Dead Goat Saloon and the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, he breakfasts with Steve Redgrave, dines with Sebastian Coe and even takes in a game or two. Because nothing - not Brazilian muggers, nor Chinese security services - shall stand between him and his noble calling: to bring the great British public its daily sporting fix. Andrew Baker's brilliant comic debut will appeal to the armchair traveller and the armchair sports fan alike. But most of all to anyone who enjoys the misfortunes of others...But in rhythmic gymnastics the competitor is further burdened with compulsory props, any of which can ruin her routine if ... The gymnast must cavort with four props in four separate routines: a rope, a hoop, a pair of jugglera#39;s clubs and a long ribbon on the end of a sort of wand. The better gymnasts can get these inanimate objects to perform in pretty and sometimes spectacular ways; for the not so goodanbsp;...

Title:Where Am I And Who's Winning?
Author:Andrew Baker
Publisher:Random House - 2012-01-31


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