Where the Wind Leads

Where the Wind Leads

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Back Cover: a€œThe account of Dr. Chung and his family will inspire you to believe in second chances and miracles and the God who gives them both.a€ -Max Lucado, New York Times best-selling author My name is Vinh Chung. This is a story that spans two continents, ten decades, and eleven thousand miles. When I was three and a half years old, my family was forced to flee Vietnam in June 1979, a place we had never heard of somewhere in the heartland of America. Several weeks later my family lay half-dead from dehydration in a derelict fishing boat jammed with ninety-three refugees lost in the middle of the South China Sea. We arrived in the United States with nothing but the clothes on our backs and unable to speak a single word of English. Today my family holds twenty-one university degrees. How we got from there to here is quite a story. Where the Wind Leads is the remarkable account of Vinh Chung and his refugee familya€™s daring escape from communist oppression for the chance of a better life in America. Ita€™s a story of personal sacrifice, redemption, endurance against almost insurmountable odds, and what it truly means to be American. All author royalties from the sale of this book will go to benefit World Vision. Flap Copy: Vinh Chung was born in South Vietnam, just eight months after it fell to the communists in 1975. His family was wealthy, controlling a rice-milling empire worth millions; but within months of the communist takeover, the Chungs lost everything and were reduced to abject poverty. Knowing that their children would have no future under the new government, the Chungs decided to flee the country. In 1979, they joined the legendary a€œboat peoplea€ and sailed into the South China Sea, despite knowing that an estimated two hundred thousand of their countrymen had already perished at the hands of brutal pirates and violent seas. Where the Wind Leads follows Vinh Chung and his family on their desperate journey from pre-war Vietnam, through pirate attacks on a lawless sea, to a miraculous rescue and a new home in the unlikely town of Fort Smith, Arkansas. There Vinh struggled against poverty, discrimination, and a bewildering language barriera€”yet still managed to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Where the Wind Leads is Vinha€™s tribute to the courage and sacrifice of his parents, a testimony to his familya€™s faith, and a reminder to people everywhere that the American dream, while still possible, carries with it a greater responsibility.A Refugee Familya#39;s Miraculous Story of Loss, Rescue, and Redemption Dr. Vinh Chung ... ithin days of our arrival in Fort Smith, my father was out looking for a job, and he quickly discovered that the only jobs available to an illiterate Asian refugee were jobs involving manual labor. ... In Vietnam my father had been the COO of a multimillion-dollar rice-milling, shipping, and commodities trading empire;anbsp;...

Title:Where the Wind Leads
Author:Dr. Vinh Chung
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2014-04-29


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