Where Was I?!

Where Was I?!

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Unadulterated Wogan - the voice of sanity in a world gone gently mad. Until recently, eight million people improved their mornings by tuning into Terry's words of wisdom on Wake up to Wogan. But was their appetite sated by this daily exposure? Not in the slightest. So it's lucky that Terry has been known to turn his hand to the odd bit of writing. This has allowed him to shed light on such weighty matters as how to survive a wedding, what Bank Holidays are for, why Eurovision could be responsible for the Celtic Tiger, whether we should watch out for potatoes, and where exactly it all went pear-shaped... WHERE WAS I? gives his devoted followers exactly what they want - the unadulterated, inimitable Wogan viewpoint; a droll, forthright voice of sanity in a world gone gently mad (or is it them?). Like his broadcasting, his writing is an effortless flow of easy wit and sage opinion. WHERE WAS I? builds up a picture not only of Terry's world, but of Terry himself - a man who somehow manages to be off the wall and on the money all at the same time.Ita#39;s not the sex, a#39;the hurly-burly of the chaise-longuea#39; as Mrs Patrick Campbell so efficaciously put it, as far as thata#39;s ... on the other side of the room, a good fifty to sixty yards away; and in the lens of this camera was the autocue, with my script.

Title:Where Was I?!
Author:Terry Wogan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-09-03


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