While Sipping Green Tea

While Sipping Green Tea

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Wake up, and cease your sleep. After years of not fully living life, climbing an illusionary corporate ladder, and recovering from a failed marriage, a sudden insight and a fated encounter lead to an amazing journey of finding onea€™s higher self. This is a true story of one womana€™s awakening, where we are taken along a path filled with both its challenging struggles and its blissful joys. A dare from a friend and a meeting with a guide begins an unexpected and life-changing journey toward seeing life anew and finding inner peace. Through reflections while sipping green tea, we unravel our conditioning and answer the question a€œWho made you?a€ Each lesson moves you through such themes as sadness, struggle, celibacy, Tantra, selflessness, and a final encounter with birth. The beginning is an end as the end is only the beginning. Sip your green tea as if ita€™s the last moment in your life. Have you ever thought you could be awakened? We all can, if we step outside our illusion and embrace life in a new way.Then, inevitably something about my car to make sure that I checked the oil now and then. a€œIa#39;m fine, butwhat about you? Is everything OK?a€ I asked, hoping myfather would enlighten me on his condition a€œCouldna#39;t be better.a€ No progress there.

Title:While Sipping Green Tea
Author:Petra Valica
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-11-26


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